Jonathan. Jonny. Loci. Jon. JSB. Jon is the man I love, the man I am in love with, who is going to be my husband. Let me introduce you to him.

From a distance, you see him standing up straight and steady, but without any sense of rigidity. Probably dressed in clothes made of natural fibers, he may be wearing his teva sandals, even in the snow. Jon’s long, dark, wavy locks swing in the breeze as he turns his head to look at you. With a glance of recognition, Jon smiles a happy grin that showcases the space between his two front teeth-the same artistic space that his great-uncle Al had. His brown, smiley eyes convey the kind, inquisitive, and caring way Jon approaches each new person, place, and adventure before him.

If you shake hands with Jon, you will feel his warmth and strength in his solid, yet tender, grasp. These are the hands of a person who has a special touch with others. If you greet Jon with a hug, you will be embraced in a comforting security.

When your first conversation begins, you may ask Jon about where he has lived, what he has done, the sights he has seen-the typical questions. But with Jon, nothing leads to a boring conclusion. From urban California to quiet Virginia and from Gulf War Israel to scenic Montana, Jon has lived in many places that have shaped his outlook. Along the way, he has owned his own successful chair massage business, run his alternative health Web site directory (, been a hypnotist, managed Ben & Jerry’s scoop shops, worked for a hot-air balloon outfit, and even served dinner theater meals at the old Candlelight Pavilion in Claremont. Jon has kayaked the Lewis and Clark route, explored small towns in Spain, and eaten at the Inn at Little Washington.

After talking with Jon about some of his past and present, you might inquire about what he sees in his future. Jon is as likely to answer such a question with a question: “Who knows?” Whatever the future holds, he will face it with humor, intelligence, and compassion.

And with this brief introduction to my future husband, you begin to see some of all the wonderful things that make him the one for me. Why do I love Jon? Because he makes me happier.

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