Walter's Restaurant - (second review)
310 Yale Ave., Claremont
(909) 624-4914
One of my personal favorites. It's just one of those places where most everything is good, and some things are outstanding. Prices are reasonable (to a bit expensive) and the atmosphere is comfortable. You can dine inside or outside and they have some really yummy Afghani dishes like Ash (a soup) and Ashak (a pasta dish which I won't do any favors by describing), then there are the Bawlanis, the Afghan Fries, the Spicy Corn Cake with Black Beans... ~JSB

Pizza 'n' Such
273 W. Second St. Claremont
(909) 624-7214
We both agree that this is some of the best pizza around. Period. Great sauce that is tangy and flavorful, good crust, and well... It's just really good pizza. ~EMS/JSB

238 Yale Ave, Claremont
(909) 621-2413
If you ever want a nice Greek meal, this is the place. The Avgolemono Soup is fantastic. Not too lemony... just sour enough... Of course I am realizing that it's the only dish I can remember for Yanni's, but that's not to say they aren't all great... it just says that my memory is that poor. ~JSB

The Danson
109 Yale Ave., Claremont
(909) 621-1818
Good food, huge portions. Reasonable prices. But either share a plate or expect leftovers. ~EMS/JSB

La Piccoletta
114 N Indian Hill Blvd., Claremont
(909) 624-1373
Great atmosphere, great sauces, a unique experience. Use the link to read what I think is a realistic review of the "La Piccoletta experience." ~JSB

Saca's Chicken
248 2nd St., Claremont
(909) 624-3340
You don't need the whole story of this place but the name has changed its phonetic spelling two or three times. The chickens are roasted in front of you, you can get pita and humus, and falafel and shawarma (aka gyro). Prices are cheap. A great place for take-away, or for when atmosphere isn't a big concern. ~JSB

Bollinger's Candlelight Pavilion
555 W. Foothill Blvd., Claremont
(909) 626-2411
In Claremont with nothing to do? Want to spend an evening out doing something unusual? The Candlelight Pavilion is a dinner theater. Often it does a Reader's Digest version of a play, cutting out "unimportant" numbers in the name of time. But the shows are pretty good. The food was good (when I worked there 15 years ago), and the service attempts to be first class. ~JSB

Juanita's Burritos
Indian Hill (South of the 10 freeway)
The best-tasting, cheapest burritos around. Their homemade hot sauce is the best. And don't forget to sample the Mexican rice drink called "horchata." ~EMS

In-N-Out Burgers
Four locations in the Claremont/Ontario airport area
Excellent burgers since the first location opened in the 1950s. Don't be fooled by cheap imitations (such as E-Z Out). The original In-N-Out burger is so intoxicating, I once drove my parents' car over to get one with some fries and a pink lemonade... before I had my driver's license. (Too bad I got caught, but, gosh darn, that's a good burger!)... Did I mention the thick chocolate shakes? ~EMS
Meat is never frozen, french fries pressed fresh, no heat lamps used. And cheaper than McDonalds or the like. ~JSB

SomeCrust Bakery
119 Yale Ave., Claremont
(909) 621-9772
This isn't a resturant, but a place to get baked goods, especially cookies. Their Mocha Cookie is amazing and very rich. Their pastries are often wonderful (occasionally overcooked a bit), and many of their cookies are decorated by a woman with a wonderful eye, sure hand, and a great sense of humor. ~EMS/JSB

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