International Glass & Bead
317 W. First St., Claremont
(909) 626-0877
From expensive art glass to two-cent beads, this store has glass from around the world. It's where Erin spent many hours of her high school life.

271 W. Second St., Claremont
(909) 625-1259
Where Jon bought his first gift for Erin over a decade ago. It's a very girly place.

Bella Cosa
A great shop with handcrafted goods. Not part of our past, but a number of things in our house are from this shop.

The Candy Bar
242 Yale Ave., Claremont
(909) 625-1852
The name says it all. At one time they had every flavor Jelly-Belly made. I remember the little menus you could get that would help you create flavors... 1 Pineapple JellyBelly + 1 Banana JB + 1 Orange JB = Fruit Punch!

A. Kline Chocolatier
210 W. Second St., Claremont
(909) 626-6646
Chocolate-covered espresso beans... mmmmmm....
Chocolate-covered cordials... mmmmmmm....
Gummy worms... not so much...
Chocolate-covered stawberries... awwww yeah.

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